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Kickass Torrents is down. KAT website goes down after founder was arrested.

Kickass is down, KAT's founder arrested Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Kickass Torrents Kat.cr

Torrentz down

Torrentz torrent search shut down (August, 5th 2016) Torrentfreak information

The meta-search engine Torrentz, which linked to other sites including Kickass, has stopped its operation. The site now says: Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines. Torrentz website is still online but the torrent search does not work any longer and seems to stay offline.

Torrentz Alternative

Torrentz Proxy (updated)

A new torrentz mirror / torrentz.eu proxy is available on torrentz2.eu

Torrentz2 index is probably based on torrentproject.se torrents index. When torrentz.eu stopped operation it listed about 50,000,000 active torrents while Torrentprojects index has 10,000,000 torrents indexed. So Torrentz2 is more or less the Torrentproject.se index combined with a Torrentz skin.

Torrentz2 is currently under DDoS attack resulting in downtimes and slow page speed.

Updated: August 19th, 2016

Torrentz proxy torrentz2

KAT Proxy

A list of semi working Kickass proxies/clones/backups.
Many KAT mirrors are unstable and doesn’t have a working search function.

Updated: 2th August 2016

Kickass Proxy working

Kickass Proxy and mirrors

Safe Kickass proxies are: https://kickassto.co, https://katproxy.is, https://thekat.tv, https://kickass.ag, https://kickass.ac

KAT.cr alternative

A small list of KAT torrent alternative sites:


Kat.cr was operating on multiple proxy sites and could be accessed by using a VPN or Tor. All legit Kickass proxies have been listed on this status page.

Since July 21, 2016 the kickass.to domain shows a banner hosted by Department Of Justice saying that kickass.to has been seized as part of a joint law enforcement operation. Kat.cr remains offline and it's not said if Kickass will have a comeback.

KAT.cr Kickass.to seized

Kickass blocking and censorship

Kickass has been blocked around the globe (see Kickass blockade on Wikipedia). Anyhow these Kickass proxies can still deliver the content of the official KAT to you!

More KAT Proxies

Can't access https://kat.cr or an official KAT proxy?
Use one of the mirrors below:

Most of these proxies don't work any longer!